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Hi, my name is Alexander Tarusha, and I am a professional illustrator. I’ve been working for over 15 years on a variety of projects involving drawing and sketching.

Is drawing and sketching one of your hobbies? Or are you a professional artist? In either case, you have probably noticed some of the challenges related to drawing with some traditional mediums.

One of the challenges that arises is time-consumption. If drawing is a hobby of yours, or if you’re an aspiring artist, you may find yourself frustrated by the amount of time it takes to finish and perfect a certain piece. The reasons for this could be many, and the medium with witch you draw, is almost certainly one of them. If drawing is your profession, then you probably know that time is money. Having to use many different mediums can be time-consuming and messy.

A handheld tool that is as simple as charcoal, gives you the precision of a mechanical pencil and the sketchy feel of a normal pencil. In short, a smart tool that offers large area coverage and a sharp tip for details that at the same time can serve as a dynamic liner. All this in one single tool with just one tip!

That is what I needed, but no existing tool could fill all these requirements. After some thought and research I came up with what I thought was the perfect solution. It was so simple! A PENCILBRUSH – a tool that behaved like a pencil and had the flexibility of a brush.

With this idea in mind, I began experimenting with different arrangements of pencil tips, until I ended up with something resembling the tool needed. The very first Pencilbrush was born. After some trial and error I was ready to rock.

While drawing with the Pencilbrush, I realized that with a simple sweep of my wrist I could get not only fluent shadows, but also a variety of lines ranging from thick to thin and vice versa. I was blown away, and to be frank I wanted to keep this secret to myself. But after a while I realized this was something I had to share with my friends and colleagues.

After introducing the concept to them, they were all as amazed as I had been. The demonstration was the funniest experience. They couldn’t believe their eyes! The speed and rendering were phenomenal, and they all suggested that I should develop this into a product, and share it with the world. I agreed, and after taking the appropriate steps, like a trip to the patent-office, and perfecting both the look and function of the tool, I could finally make it available for the market.

I will try to explain how the Pencilbrush works, though I strongly recommend that you watch the videos [to the right] to better understand how to use the motion and behavior of the tool to create great artwork.

Using a Pencilbrush is like using ten mechanical pencils, tightly aligned to form a row of pencil tips. The shape of the tip can easily be arranged to fit your need and style of drawing, as seen in the pictures below.